Brian O’Connell is RTE’s former London Editor.

Brian worked for the national broadcaster for more than 30 years as a radio and TV reporter and newscaster. He was appointed London Correspondent in 1989 and London Editor in 1995. He left RTE when its Westminster bureau closed in September 2012.

During his long career he reported on major events such as the resignation of Margaret Thatcher, the IRA’s bombing campaign in Britain and the first Gulf War. As the public face of RTE’s TV and radio output from Britain, he was responsible for coverage such as British general elections, party conferences and special events (including the death of Princess Diana, the Queen’s 2011 state visit to Ireland and the 2012 Olympics).

Brian has written extensively on the Irish peace process, the Major, Blair and Cameron premierships, devolution in Scotland and Wales, the British foot and mouth outbreak and the British economy as it affects Ireland. His career in Westminster has spanned two decades and offered him contact with some of the most influential political figures in the UK and Ireland, including every British prime minister since Margaret Thatcher and every Irish Taoiseach since Charles Haughey.

Brian is now Special Projects Manager for Concern Worldwide UK.