Pegasus Consulting, through its subsidiary divisions – TalentBase and The Great War Roadshow – is building a substantial reputation in production and event management.  

We work regularly with national TV, radio and theatre companies, and organise events across the country, supplying major corporations, local councils, libraries and festivals with talent, expertise and production.

Our recent productions include…

  • The Great War Roadshow (2014-15)
  • The Fighting Irish 
  • The Titanic Experience, Cobh (2012-)
  • Paths To Freedom (2016)
The Pavilion, Dun Laoghaire; The Waterford Royal; Draiocht, Blanchardstown; The Civic Theatre, Tallaght; The Mill, Dundrum; The Hay Festival, Kells and the Town Hall, Cavan are amongst the venues that staged our productions in 2014.

County councils in Cavan, Dublin, Dun Laoghaire, Galway, Monaghan, Meath, Tipperary, Waterford and Wicklow are amongst those working with us on educational and entertainment events.

In 2015, Pegasus will tour a new lecture series, Paths To Freedom – which will concentrate on the changing nature of Irish politics, work, class and gender roles in the ten years leading up to independence.

We have confirmed all the key academics who worked with us on The Great War Roadshow including…

  • Turtle Bunbury – ‘That Easter Dawn – The Personalities Of The 1916 Rising’  (The title of his new book, to be published in the autumn.)
  • Dr. Ciaran Wallace – ‘Over There & Over Here: Ireland During The War Years’
  • Dr. Myles Dungan – ‘Selling the Great War in Ireland 1914-1918’
  • Ian Kenneally – ‘Propaganda During WWI’
  • Damian Shiels – ‘The Conflict Landscape’
  • Gordon Power – ‘The Irish At The Somme’
  • John O’Keeffe – ‘Orange, Green – Or Something In Between? The Psychology of The Fighting Irish

These lectures will build on the work we did with The Great War Roadshow, but will be strong enough to stand in their own right. The ‘long decade’, 1912-1923, was a pivotal decade in our nation and, as we move towards the centenary year of 1916, it’s important to explain that the Rising was part of the narrative, not the whole story.

View our latest productions below

  • The Great War Roadshow

    The Great War Roadshow

    World War 1 (1914-1918) saw 210,000 Irishmen serving in the British forces. 35,000 Irish died. In these, the centenary years of The Great War, Pegasus and RTE broadcaster and historian Dr. Myles Dungan have joined forces to tour Ireland with two commemorative projects…