1916 Remembered: Calling all libraries…

LIBRARIANS – are you planning a county event, festival or open day to commemorate the 1916 Rising Are you looking for ideas for heritage, educational, cultural or historic events If so, Pegasus Consulting would like to help you.

Pegasus Consulting – the company behind the hugely successful history projects The Fighting Irish (2010) and The Great War Roadshow (2014-15) is offering county councils and festivals a unique package of lectures, presentations and shows to remember the Rising, one hundred years on. RTE broadcaster and historian Dr. Myles Dungan, accompanied by leading academics and major stars from the world of TV and entertainment, will tour the country with Paths To Freedom, a two-part commemorative project, comprising

  • A day-long programme of talks and presentations on 1916 and its legacy
  • An evening performance of the songs and music of the era, showcasing the songs of John, Count McCormack, Lena Ford, Ivor Novello, Stanley Kirkby & George M. Cohan

Pegasus has been asked to present a briefing on Paths To Freedom to the Librarians’ Autumn Seminar in Roscommon on October 15. Our senior staff will be in attendance at the Abbey Hotel to answer all your questions.


Pegasus offers you a range of top-class speakers – household names, TV and radio personalities, authors and key academics who have proven audience appeal, and important things to say about the legacy of 1916, including…

Dr. Myles Dungan: Myles presents The History Show on RTE Radio 1 and is the author of multiple books, including Irish Voices From The Great War (1995), Mr. Parnell s Rottweiler: Censorship and the United Ireland Newspaper (2014) and How The Irish Won The West (2006).

Turtle Bunbury: Turtle is presenter of The Genealogy Roadshow on RTE TV and author of Easter Dawn – The 1916 Rising and The Glorious Madness Tales of the Irish and the Great War.

Dr. Ciaran Wallace: A TCD academic and broadcaster, Ciaran featured prominently in the recent RTE Radio series on the 1913 Lockout.

John O Keeffe: A Criminologist and Forensic Psychologist, John is also a broadcaster and journalist. He is a Teaching Fellow in the School of Psychology, Trinity College, Dublin, a regular contributor to TV and radio and is the Deputy Editor of The Garda Review.

Damian Shiels: Author of The Irish in the American Civil War (2013), Damian lectures internationally on conflict archaeology and appears regularly on TV and radio. Now working with Rubicon Heritage Services, he was formerly with the National Museum of Ireland.

Gordon Power: Gordon is an expert in Military Genealogy.

Ian Kenneally: An author, historian and broadcaster, Ian is a doctoral student in NUI Galway.


“The ‘long decade’ of 1912-1923 encompassed massive political change in Ireland, Britain and the wider world. These years saw the militarisation of the Irish question, culminating in the violence of 1916 and of 1919-1923, and also the Great War in which many thousands of Irishmen lost their lives. These developments had profound effects, not only on active participants in military and political affairs in Ireland and internationally, but on the people of Ireland as a whole.”

– Decade of Commemoration, Trinity College Dublin

Paths To Freedom, our 1916 anniversary commemoration, is aimed at explaining the many “shades of green” that existed in the run-up to the Easter Rising. These lectures will build on the work we did with The Great War Roadshow, showing that the so-called long decade , 1912-1923, was a pivotal decade in our nation. As we move towards the centenary year of 1916, it s important to explain that the Rising was part of the narrative, not the whole story.

Paths To Freedom will concentrate on the changing nature of Irish politics, work, class and gender roles in the years leading up to independence, and will include such lectures as

  • Turtle Bunbury Easter Dawn The Cast Of The 1916 Rising
  • Dr. Myles Dungan Sentenced To Death – The Rebel Courts Martial
  • Dr. Ciaran Wallace Over There & Over Here: Ireland 1914-21
  • Damian Shiels The Conflict Landscape of Ireland 1916 & The War of Independence
  • Ian Kenneally Propaganda During WWI
  • Gordon Power The Irish At The Somme
  • John O Keeffe Orange, Green Or In Between The Psychology of The Fighting Irish

Pegasus will be happy, of course, to tailor this project to suit any particular aims you may have for 2016.


In 2016, Pegasus will also offer a complementary musical show The Count, The Countess & The Tommy featuring songs and stories from a hundred years ago, centering on the music of the celebrated Irish tenor Count John McCormack.

This show will feature headline acts, including…

Simon Morgan: A world-renowned baritone, Simon has performed in venues across Ireland, the UK, Argentina, Chile, Barbados, San Diego, Chicago, New York, Monaco, Florence and Verona.

Lisa Lambe: A singer and actress, Lisa is best known for her work at the Abbey and the Gate, and as a member of international singing sensation Celtic Woman.

Brendan MacQuaile: Brendan is a classically trained baritone who performs widely in Ireland and internationally, and features regularly on TV and radio.


For more, contact… info@pegasusconsulting.ie