Late Late Show bandleader joins the Pegasus team…

WRITER and performer Paddy Cullivan has joined the Pegasus team.

Paddy, best known as the leader of the Late Late Show House Band – and also the Camembert Quartet – is also one of the country’s best-known, and most-respected MCs.

In 2017, Pegasus will be offering Paddy’s new touring show – Dark Secrets of the Irish Revolution – to theatres, festivals, hotels and country houses both in Ireland and internationally.

This 90-minute satirical/visual/history/music show has been a great success in Ireland since premiering at the Limerick Spring Festival of Politics and Ideas in April, 2016. A highly engrossing show combining song, satire, hundreds of striking images and stark historical insight, it leaves anyone who sees it shocked at how little they knew about the foundation myths of our country.


‘Romanticism makes way for pragmatism and careful analysis with Paddy’s unique brand of humour and story-telling genius’ – Irish Independent

‘An audience in hysterics, rapturous applause and lots of food for thought’ – John F. Kennedy Summer School

‘Freewheeling Political Polemic that makes you laugh while making you think’ – The Irish Times

‘Paddy Cullivan is a National Treasure’ – David McWilliams, Economist

The show has sold out various venues, including…

  • The New Ross Kennedy Summer School to an audience including US Ambassador to Ireland Kevin O’Malley, Martin O’Malley, former Governor of Maryland and the Boston Globe’s Kevin Cullen.
  • Two sold-out shows in the Town Hall Theatre Galway
  • The Kilkenomics Festival of Economics and Comedy, Kilkenny
  • Leviathan – Mindfield – Electric Picnic Music and Arts Festival, Stradbally
  • The William and Helen Allingham Festival, Ballyshannon, The VIEW Temple Bar Festival of Politics and Arts and the Dublin Arts Club



Dark Secrets of the Irish Revolution

Paddy Cullivan of Callan s Kicks, The Late Late Show, Leviathan and Kilkenomics brings you an audiovisual spectacular a century after the Easter Rising. Using satire, imagery, historical insight and song, Paddy reveals the strangest things (and darkest secrets) that happened during our Rising, Revolution and Civil War. He also draws parallels with those events effects on modern Ireland in a story that unfolds like an addictive whodunnit

  • How did the lawyer who prosecuted the 1916 leaders win one of the highest positions in the Free State
  • Why were 280,000 women denied the vital Treaty Election Vote of 1922
  • What made 2 million Irish People turn from hating 1916 to supporting the War of Independence
  • What dark secret made Michael Collins sign the Treaty, and why is his assassination even stranger and more covered-up than JFK s

All these questions and more will be answered in Dark Secrets of the Irish Revolution.


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