Historic Muckross House, Killarney, is to host online lectures from this year’s History Roadshow.

Authors Myles Dungan, Ida Milne and Liz Gillis will give a series of Zoom lectures, starting in late November.

Myles Dungan The War In The Shadows, Friday November 27
Ida Milne The other great pandemic: Spanish flu in Ireland 1918-19, Friday, December 4
Liz Gillis 1920: Year Of Terror on the night of the 100th anniversary of the burning of Cork, Friday, December 11


To attend, email library@muckross.ie


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The War in the Shadows A talk on Michael Collins, the Squad and the IRA versus British Intelligence

Dr. Myles Dungan, PhD, is one of Ireland s best-known and most respected broadcasters, hosting current affairs, arts and sports programmes on both radio and television for more than two decades. A Fulbright scholar, educated at UCD and the University of California, Berkeley, he is the author of a multiple books, including Irish Voices From The Great War (1995) and Mr. Parnell s Rottweiler: Censorship & the United Ireland Newspaper (2014), plus works on the Irish in America, the Great War, the Irish Crown jewels and golf. He is the presenter of The History Show on RT Radio 1.


The other great pandemic: Spanish flu in Ireland 1918-19

Dr Ida Milne is a historian of disease, specialising in the 1918-19 influenza pandemic in Ireland and in infectious diseases of childhood. She is European History Lecturer at Carlow College. Her book, Stacking the Coffins, influenza war and peace in Ireland 1918-19 was published in 2018 and has come to be viewed as a handbook for understanding different societal impacts of the current COVID-19 pandemic. She is a frequent contributor to national and international media on the historic context for the current crisis.


1920: A Year of Terror

Historian Liz Gillis is the author of numerous books on Ireland s early 20th century revolutionary period. Her latest work, The Burning of the Custom House (2017), tells the story of the IRA s 1921 attack on Dublin s Custom House, then the heart of the British administration in Ireland. Liz has a Degree in Irish History and worked as a guide in Kilmainham Gaol, developing a revolutionary walking tour of Dublin’s Liberties. She now works as a researcher on The History Show.