History Roadshow 2020 for Dublin, Cork & Killarney

2020 marks the tenth year of Pegasus Consulting s History Roadshow.

Fronted by Dr. Myles Dungan, the presenter of RTE s History Show, the hugely successful roadshow series has toured the country since 2010, with The Fighting Irish (2010-), The Great War Roadshow (2014/15), Paths To Freedom (2016/17), Mn na h ireann (2018) and De Valera & The First D il (2019).

As the Decade of Centenaries continues, commemorating the monumentous events in Irish history that took place between 1912 and 1922 Dr. Myles Dungan and his RT History Show team of historians is again this year offering libraries, county councils, country houses, history groups and festivals a unique package of lectures and presentations, titled this year 1920: Year Of Terror

Pegasus Consulting is delighted that the special guest on our history roadshow this year will again be David McCullagh, RTɠPrime Time presenter, and author of the best-selling De Valera: Rule: 1932 1975.

Authors Turtle Bunbury, Liz Gillis, Sin ad McCoole, Dr. Kate O Malley and Ian Kenneally will be among the other key contributors.

Dublin, Cork & Killarney are among the first counties to have confirmed dates.



UCD University Club, University College, Dublin

  • David McCullagh – Monday, March 23, 5.30pm, De Valera in America, 1920
  • Myles Dungan – Tuesday, April 28, 5.30pm, The Alpha Male In Irish History



Ballyroan Library, Dublin

  • Liz Gillis – Monday March 9, 6.30pm – Women and Bloody Sunday 1920: Participants, Witnesses and Victims
    What role did women play in the events of Bloody Sunday 1920 Historian Liz Gillis will discuss the role of and impact on women on that fateful day 21 November 1920.



Muckross House

  • David McCullagh – Friday, March 20, 7.30pm, The Long Fellow & The Big Fellow (De Valera, Collins, and the rivalry that split the Irish Revolution)
  • Liz Gillis – Friday, April 3, 7.30pm, 1920- A Year Of Terror (Fighting Fire With Fire: The IRA and the Crown Forces in Ireland 1920)
  • Myles Dungan – Friday, May 15, 7.30pm, The War in the Shadows (Michael Collins, the Squad and the IRA versus British Intelligence)




Cork City Library, Saturday, March 28, 10am

  • Myles Dungan – The War in the Shadows
  • Kate O’Malley – Irish Revolutionary Women & The Wider World
  • Liz Gillis – 1920 – Year of Terror
  • Jonathan Creasy – Poetry, Prose & Song of the 1920s



Portlaoise Library, May 19

  • Jonathan Creasy – Irish Poetry, Prose and Song of the 1920s


The Pegasus History Show roadshow 2020 is featured on the Decade of Centenaries website…



1920: Year of Terror


Pegasus offers you a range of top-class speakers – household names, TV and radio personalities, authors and key academics with important things to say, including…


Dr. MYLES DUNGAN The War in the Shadows

A talk on Michael Collins, the Squad and the IRA versus British Intelligence.

Myles Dungan, PhD, is one of Ireland s best-known and most respected broadcasters, hosting current affairs, arts and sports programmes on both radio and television for more than two decades. A Fulbright scholar, educated at UCD and the University of California, Berkeley, he is the author of a multiple books, including Irish Voices From The Great War (1995) and Mr. Parnell s Rottweiler: Censorship & the United Ireland Newspaper (2014), plus works on the Irish in America, the Great War, the Irish Crown jewels and golf. He is the presenter of The History Show on RT Radio 1.


DR DAVID MCCULLAGH De Valera in America, 1920

Why did amon de Valera spend 18 months in America at the height of the War of Independence His trip to the US in 1919-20 saw him raise massive sums of money to support the D il, as well as securing publicity that proved vital in forcing Britain to come to terms. But his return to the land of his birth also had more personal motives. The trip changed Irish history – and changed de Valera as well.

Broadcaster and writer Dr David McCullagh is best known as a presenter of Prime Time on RT 1 TV, and as a former RT Political Correspondent. David is also an accomplished historian, authoring A Makeshift Majority, on Ireland s first inter-party government, 1948-51. David is also the biographer of the man who led two coalition administrations, John A. Costello (The Reluctant Taoiseach, 2010). His latest book, De Valera: Rule (2018), is the second of a two-part biography.

LIZ GILLIS – 1920: A Year of Terror (Fighting Fire With Fire: The IRA and the Crown Forces in Ireland 1920) OR
Women and Bloody Sunday 1920: Participants, Witnesses and Victims
1920 was a year of real terror in Ireland, for all sides, and innocent civilians. What role did women play in the events of Bloody Sunday 1920 Historian Liz Gillis, the author of numerous books on Ireland s early 20th century revolutionary period, discusses the war between the IRA and the Crown forces In Ireland, and the role of women, particularly, in Bloody Sunday. Liz has a Degree in Irish History and worked as a guide in Kilmainham Gaol, developing a revolutionary walking tour of Dublin’s Liberties. She is a researcher on The History Show.

TURTLE BUNBURY The Life & Death of Kevin Barry

Kevin Barry, aged 18, was sentenced to death for his part in an Irish Volunteers operation which resulted in the deaths of three British soldiers, and was the first Irish republican to be executed by the British since the leaders of the Easter Rising.

Turtle is presenter of The Genealogy Roadshow on RTE TV and author of Easter Dawn – The 1916 Rising and The Glorious Madness Tales of the Irish and the Great War.

JONATHAN CREASY – Irish Poetry, Prose and Song of the 1920s

A lecture, with music, on the poetry, prose and song of our grandparents time.

Dr. Jonathan Creasy, PhD is a writer, broadcaster, and educator based in Dublin. He is a reporter for The History Show on RT Radio 1 and producer/presenter of The Writers Room on 103.2 Dublin City FM.

Dr. KATE O MALLEY – The Life & Death of Terence MacSwiney OR

100 years of the Department of Foreign Affairs OR

– Women of the Irish Revolution – The Wider World

Dr. Kate O’Malley is a historian with the Royal Irish Academy, and Managing Editor of the Dictionary of Irish Biography. She is a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin (BA, PhD), and has taught at TCD, UCD and Queen s University, Belfast. She has written extensively on Indo-Irish relations, authoring the book Ireland, India and Empire (2008).


SIN AD MCCOOLE – The eyes and ears – women s role in the campaign of independence OR
– Sin ad de Valera

Sin ad McCoole is an Irish historian, author, broadcaster and scriptwriter, specialising on women in Irish history.

DAMIAN SHIELS Landscapes of Revolution

Author of The Irish in the American Civil War (2013), and formerly with the National Museum of Ireland, Damian lectures internationally on conflict archaeology and appears regularly on TV and radio.


GORDON POWER – Tracing Your Fighting Irish Ancestors

Gordon is an expert in military genealogy.



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