GREAT news for all aspiring TV presenters.

Pegasus, one of Ireland’s leading talent agencies, has joined forces with City Colleges to launch a professional TV presenter training course.

Master the key skills of modern broadcasting with current and former TV professionals from RTE & TV3 – including Alan Cantwell (TV3 News), Evelyn Cusack (RTE Weather), Senator Marie Louise O’Donnell (RTE Radio 1/Vincent Browne Show) and Con Murphy (Crimecall/RTE Sport).

The TV Presenter course will run regularly in a Dublin city centre location.




The Course

So you want to be a TV presenter You should! It s a fantastic job, rewarding, challenging, exciting – and well paid. It s no wonder so many people have presenting ambitions. But how do you get started How do you learn the basics And how can you stand out from the crowd

The City Colleges Certificate in TV Presenting, in association with talent agency Pegasus Consulting, prepares prospective presenters to both inform and entertain, to introduce and interview, and to find their own voice and presenting style.


Course Director

John O Keeffe, Managing Director, Pegasus Consulting.

Pegasus is a media and communications consultancy, representing a wide range of corporate and celebrity clients from television, theatre, politics, media, business and sport. A Cambridge graduate, John is a former Dean of Law at Dublin Business School and a Teaching Fellow in the School of Psychology at TCD. A newspaper columnist and Associate Editor of the Garda Review, he regularly guests on both RTE and TV3.



  • Evelyn Cusack, RTE, Met Eireann
  • Marie Louise O Donnell, RTE, TV3, The Vincent Browne Show
  • Alan Cantwell, former news anchor TV3 News
  • Brenda Power, barrister, presenter & columnist Newstalk, Crime Call, Sunday Times
  • Con Murphy, former RTE presenter Crime Call, Soccer Republic, Saturday Sport
  • JJ Rolfe, cameraman & cinematographer

Course Content


Mod 1: Overview (JOK)

Introduction to TV Presenting

Presenting Yourself


Module 2: Behind The Scenes

Preparing yourself

Newsgathering & research

Writing for TV

Module 3: The News Anchor (Alan Cantwell)

What makes a good television presenter

Interview Skills


Module 4: TV Production (JJ Rolfe)

The TV studio & production gallery – who does what

Single & multi-camera presenting

Show, don’t tell: Working with pictures

Module 5: Specialist Presenting (Evelyn Cusack)

Module 6: Broadcast Reporting (Marie Louise O Donnell)

Working on a daily programme

How programmes are conceived, planned and broadcast

Producing broadcast features – packages

Module 7: Location Presenting (Con Murphy)

Presenting outside the studio

Module 8: Global Current Affairs

Producing major news and sports events

The 24-hour news cycle

The breaking story


Module 9: Making A Showreel (JJ Rolfe)

Module 10: Audition Preparation

How to develop a winning CV

Interview skills and tips

Practical Work

Practical 1: Presenting To Camera


Working with autocue

Practice and feedback


Practical 2: Interview Skills

Practice interviews

Practice and feedback


Practical 3: Your Showreel

Making a showreel

All participants will receive feedback from industry producers/presenters, and a showreel scene.


For more information, or to book a place on the course, contact: