Crime and Security Consulting


We get to a clearer picture of national or local trends, or take a deep dive into your membership and audience and retrieve valuable data and information to provide you with all the evidence you require to make better decisions.


We consult with our clients to model their demand, assess their performance or understand their policy canvass.
We then take this information and craft it into a strategy that sits your needs and membership alone.


We assist you in communicating this information clearly and succinctly - to your membership and sector, to the media and to the general public.


Conducting, collating and summarising relevant research

Academic research

On a range of criminal justice research questions

media training

To include, presentation skills, interview preparation, writing and drafting. For staff and employees/membership/clients

training videos

Tailor made training videos across a range of pertinent area for your employees/membership/clients

media campaigns

Full dedicated media campaigns from beginning to end

cpd certified training

Relevant CPD accredited training courses in criminal justice for your membership and/or employees, alongside if required, Pegasus Crime Consulting Certification on successful submission of designated course work


Our company has a reputation in providing a range of experts across a broad subject base connected to criminal justice matters

radio/tv appearances, newspaper/magazine articles

For staff and/or clients

video shorts

advise members/staff or clients member innovations or current relevant news items

social media

We can increase Followers and attend to all your daily social media traffic on Twitter, Facebook, website etc

monthly membership information

Online and/or Onsite Magazine/Newsletter

crisis management


The first step is to meet with you and understand your organisation and its short, medium and long-term objectives.


 We will then prepare a short follow up-report where we summarise what we believe to be your requirements and where your answers may lie. 


At this point we will provide you with engaging. thorough and cost effective solutions to best manage your research, strategic, communications and related needs.